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Good Tavernas & restaurants for everyday and celebrations

Greek and Cretan cuisine is related to the Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine and if you are familiar with anyone of them you will quickly find your way around a Greek menu.

How to recognize a good taverna when you see one!

One of the best ways to find good tavernas is to look for where the locals eat. The Cretans always know where they get good quality cooking and as they eat out a lot, its a good indication of the quality.

Cretan cuisine and specialities

We recommend!
We have eaten at many tavernas and restaurants and would like to share some of them with you. Also, many of our clients have found favourite tavernas that they would like to pass on to you. Below are some of the tavernas we and our clients have enjoyed and that we can recommend for their cooking, service, atmosphere, and location.
Please note that we do not attempt to cover every taverna in Crete, but these are some of the tavernas that we and our clients know and can recommend: