Spinalonga Island

The island of Spinalonga

The peninsula of Spinalonga is off Elounda in the Gulf of Elounda.

After Agios Nikolaos in the northeast of Crete, just before you reach Elounda you find a small narrow road that connects with the Spinalonga peninsula. This is also called “Big Spinalonga” and is not the Spinalonga island where the Leper colony was located.

This is a totally unspoilt area and there are several small charming beaches.
The only accommodation to be found on the island.

Spinalonga Peninsula
One of the two cart tracks next to Lida’s Island Cottages leads to one of the most beautiful bays in the area, Kolokytha, which can be reached by foot, car and boat. Kolokytha has a small sandy beach and a wide and shallow sandy bay with gorgeously translucent turquoise water. On the way to Kolokytha are numerous rocky inlets and coves, with equally enticing water for swimming, and especially for snorkelling as the marine life is rich and colourful.
A ten-minute walk around the head of the bay and over the little stone bridge across the miniature canal which pierces the causeway brings you to one of Elounda’s two sand and shingle beaches, where sunbeds are available for hire. Another 8 minutes walk will bring you to the main square of Elounda, with the well-organized municipal sandy beach.