Places to see in Crete

Our top 10 sites for your holiday

When holidaying in Crete, there are places that you must visit. Crete has so many beautiful and interesting places to see and explore, that one visit will not do it. Although we ourselves have been in Crete for more than 20 years, we have not seen all there is to see. Below is our “must-see” list of sites and beaches that we would recommend any first, second or third time visitor to visit. There are lots of other places to see and you could also try consulting a tourist guide for Crete to find others.

The Minoan Palace of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion, this is an absolute must when in Crete, you can book tours from most areas in Crete including both the palace and the museum.

The Samaria Gorge is Europe’s longest gorge and it is beautiful! The Gorge starts in Omalos, a mountain village off Chania. There is a long way and a lazy way to walk the gorge. Tours can be booked from almost all locations in Crete. Samaria Gorge

The Volcanic island of Santorini, not really in Crete, but you can take a day trip to this fabulous Island from Rethymnon and Heraklion in Crete. Santorini day trip

Beaches and ruins of Falasarna, far north-west tip of Crete off Kissamos, these wast sandy beaches and beautiful ruins of the ancient town and harbour of Falasarna are worth a visit, quiet and calm, but no hotels, shopping and bars. But you need a car! Falasarna Beach

Beaches of the south coast, Plakias, Frangokastello and Magkrigialos. The south coast of Crete offers beautiful beaches and coves.

The island of Elafonissi, far south-west tip of Crete, fantastic beaches with coral pink sand and Crystal clear waters. No hotels, shops or bars, just nature, sun, sea, sand and a few simple tavernas. Elafonissi Island.

The unoccupied island of Spinalonga is one of the main tourist attractions in Crete. In addition to the abandoned leper colony and the fortress, Spinalonga is known for its small pebble beaches and lies just outside Elounda North East Crete, Elounda & Spinalonga

Ancient Elefterna, if you like walking and getting into the feeling of the past without all the other tourist around you, you should visit ancient Elefterna about 3000 years old, here you will find remains from the Dorian and later Roman times scattered all over the area. Also in 2016, a very interesting Museum for this area has been opened. Rethymnon area.Ancient Elefterna

The tiny village of Loutro perched on a mountainside in a small bay on the south coast you find Loutro. You can only reach the village by boat or hiking over the mountains if you are a keen hiker! A village without cars or motorbikes, but with a lot of charm, You take a ferry from Sfakia or Paleo Hora on the South Coast. The Village of Loutro

Monastery of Arkadi, visit this historic monastery where a famous holocaust during the Turkish occupation is celebrated every year in November. The Monastery is in the Rethymnon area Monastery of Arkadi

Sasteria, Observatory, Astronomy and Art workshop, combine your holiday with nature, science and art. Find all the information you need and dates of events on this link: Sasteria, Observatory