Driving in Crete

Driving in Crete

There are some different things you should be aware of if you are renting a car in Crete. All driving is in the right side of the road and you will recognise the road signs as they are international.

Speed limits:
This is mostly of concern when you are driving on the main highway, National Road. This road runs from the eastern end to the western end of Crete along the north coast. The speed limit is 90 kms except when signs say otherwise. On all other roads there are not really any official speed limits. The conditions mostly dictate a reasonable speed.

Speed cameras, there are Speed cameras on the highway, you are always warned by large signs showing a camara.

Please be careful when overtaking. Even the National Highway is most places a one lane road.
When you are keeping to the speed limit, you will sometimes have cars trying to overtake you. It is customary to move out on the hard-shoulder to let the overtaking cars by. Everybody does it.

Giving signals:
The locals often use the hazard warning lights instead of singling left or right and many do not single at all when overtaking. So keep some distance to drivers ahead of you.