Pikris Village

 Mountain Village of Pikris

Well hidden among olive groves and cascading hills you will find the village of Pikris, not far from the foothills of mount Idi or Psiloritis (The Tall One) as it is locally called. Almost unaffected by tourism and time, this small, fertile village-hamlet lies approx. 9 km in-land South-east of Rethymnon.

The hamlet is characterized by the Venetian period and has the special charms of the period with narrow streets and heaps of exciting ruins, buildings, and portals. The hamlet has a taverna and the road ends in the square. The small and charming church of Agia Paraskevi is found in the middle of the village.

Check the visiting pigs in Pikris in October 2020.

Here are many possibilities for hikes, walks, and excursions to the historical Monastery of Arkadi and the fascinating excavations near Eleftherna. The history of this hamlet has closely connected to the monastery of Arkadi and many of the villagers were among the heroes of the historical blast in 1866.
Tourists seldom come here although the villagers are very hospitable and friendly. You can enjoy a couple of unforgettable days here.