Corona situation in Crete

Categories: | Posted: May 7, 2020
Stituation update May 24th.
Covid 19 situation update from Crete, Greece

We are all dreaming about getting back to normal, and many of us want to get back to Amazing Crete for a holiday or to stay.
Follow the situation!

Information from Crete – Sunday May 24th.

One of my very good friends in Crete said to me yesterday;
“The Corona Virus has had a tough time finding its way to Crete!”
They have hardly had any cases and most of the ones they had were imported. Never the less they have had a very severe lockdown.

  1. From Monday May 25th the tavernas, bars cafe’s shops and other businesses open up again.
  2. June 1st the city hotels that normally are open all around the year open. But still only flights to Athens!
  3. June 15th the hotels, apartments and villas will again be able to have guest. Guests from Europe are the first to be allowed.
  4. July 1st. There will be flights to the islands again, And Guest from everywhere else in the world will be welcome.
  5. However because there will not be direct flights to Crete before July 1st, my friend Yiannis (hotel owner) does not think a lot of hotels will open before July 1st.

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I will follow the situation and let you know as soon as possible.

Keep safe all of you
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