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The third largest city in Crete, Rethymnon will not make visitors feel like they are in a city but rather a village environment: Rethymnon has its own, slower pace, unlike Chania and Heraklion, which are contemporary metropolis in their own right. A Turkish and also a Venetian enclave in its old days, Rethymnon has managed to keep most of its fairytale atmosphere, mainly due to its Venetian fortress and its skyline, where still today many delicate minarets are to be seen. The Venetian harbour of Rethymnon is, undoubtedly, an obliged visit for those staying or only visiting the capital of the prefecture of the same name.

Right in front of the labyrinthine streets of the old town is a wide sandy beach, to be accessed by a beautiful promenade with rows of palm trees at either side. Rethymnon has the peculiarity that all the big hotels are kept outside of the city centre, which conferes it with peace and quiet during the days and nights. Rethymnon is therefore an ideal choice for an urban wander, full of curio stores and craftsmen working in the traditional Cretan costume, which comprises high boots, baggy trousers (vrákes) and black headscarves (tsalvária). The streets of this city are witness to the palimpsest of cultures that have populated Crete since the Bronze Age, a true urban jewel and a perfect holiday destination that Amazing Crete will help you navigate with its careful selection of accommodation options in and around Rethymnon.

There are many points of interest as well as tourist attractions in the city, such as Rethymnon’s Archaeological Museum, located in a building dating back to the times of the Turkish domination, now entirely refurbished in contemporary style. Suitable for experts as well as amateurs, the Archaeological Museum has some of the finest Minoan pottery and sarcophagi on display, as well as a variety of Roman objects and crafted pieces. The Historical and Folk Art Museum of Rethymnon is another option for those seeking to spend a day within the environment of this city, located in a 17th-century Venetian mansion.

Also in an ancient Venetian monastery is the Veneto Hotel listed in this section; a true proof of the care with which Amazing Crete has chosen the holiday destinations brought to you through this website. Furnished in a traditional manner ir order to preserve the style of the historic building, the Veneto Hotel offers Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in the setting of a 15th century garden. Our range of accommodation options in Rethymnon does not end here; there is a stunning range of villas, hotels and apartments to choose from, such as Emilia’s House, a 400-year old Cretan house renovated with care by Emilia, the great-granddaughter of its original owner; or Iperion Beach Hotels, at a mere 1km away from the Venetial town of Rethymnon, on the longest sandy beach of the island of Crete.

Needless to say, the abundance of beaches in and around Rethymnon make it an excellent destination when travelling with children. Not only are there beaches in the city itself, but also miles of them stretch to either side of Rethymnon – do have a look at either Petres Beach Apartments or Iperion Beach Hotels if a quiet sun and sea combo is what you are after; not to mention our outstanding Seafront Hotel Apartments the Great Escape Villas. For exceptionally distinguished holiday accommodation, Villa Argiris, Asteri and Villa Citrus, as well as La Stella Apartments and suites or Alkion beach apartments are not to be missed. There is also a variety of day-trips from Rethymnon, among which the Monastery of Arkádhi is arguably one of the most enjoyable. Arkádhi makes for a perfect getaway; a day-long visit with a picnic lunch will ensure an enjoyable time!

The best way to arrive at Rethymnon is usually by car – it is located 45min drive from the city of Chania, and has a frequent bus service to both the capital of Crete, Heraklion, and Chania itself. In a nutshell, a carefully preserved medieval jewel to be visited in contemporary times; and a vibrant mix of quiet beaches and animated Mediterranean life at its best.