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Lasithi coast

Located towards the east of the island of Crete, Lasithi receives numerous visitors over the course of the year due to the untouched beauty of its natural landscape. East of Plakiás and west of Ierápetra, two cities also strongly recommended by Amazing Crete; Lasithi is traditionally known as the “plain of windmills”, given the sheer amount of these constructions peppered across its breadth and length. Few of them have survived to the present day, and only a small fraction exist in working order; yet it is frequent to find them re-converted into tavernas where you can stop for a light snack or square meal in Cretan style – the allure of both food and location are bound to outcompete each other! Even though the windmills have largely gone into disuse, the farmland in Lasithi has maintained the richness and fertility the first inhabitants of the island would have appreciated it for. The harvested fields lie in sharp contrast with the grey slopes of the mountains around them; under the perpetual sun of the Mediterranean this landscape is of outstanding beauty and worth a visit at any time of the year.

Olives are the most frequent crop to be found across the plain, along with a variety of fruit and vegetables that dominate the agricultural economy of the island as we know it today. Nevertheless, Lasithi has always attracted Cretan inhabitants to it due to the abundance of fertile land, as the ancient settlements of Gortina, Faistos and Agia Triada testify. These archaeological sites date back to Minoan times, and there is evidence to suggest that lifestyle at the time was as refined and organised as that of Sparta and other city-states in mainland Greece. The palace at Faistos is a wonderful archaeological location, as is the neighbouring Agia Triada, alleged to have been a summer retreat for a prince or wealthy citizen. All three settlements are easily accessible from all of the accommodation options brought to you by Amazing Crete.

Kamilari is home to numerous of these hand-picked holiday accommodation villas and houses. Festias Villas are built at the foot of the hill in Kamilari; they come complete with a private pool and a smaller one for children, as well as hammam facilities, a 800sqm garden, an outdoor barbecue area and private parking. For those in search of a garden of smaller size, Kamilari Villas, tastefully renovated in 2004, is the better option. The Oasis and Listari Villas, as well as Pasifai Town House, are also to be found in the charming village of Kamilari. They all feature private swimming pools and state-of-the-art facilities such as a gym room, and are located only 1km away from the breathtaking beach at Listaros. Kamilari itself is only a stone’s throw north of Pitsídhia, accessible via a road that runs through olive groves. A number of exquisitely sophisticated bars and restaurants cater for the expat community long-established in the beautiful town of Kamilari, where a number of archaeological attractions can also be visited.

The Sivas Village Houses, for their part, are located in Sivas, an old village that attracts numerous visitors due to the charm and authenticity of its local festivities and celebrations both in Easter and summer times. It is worth noting that the nearby seaside resorts of Matala, Agia Galini and Lendas are easily accessible from all of the holiday rentals offered in these pages; and that all these villages offer excellent public transport coverage to and from Heraklion, as between themselves. All in all, Lasithi offers a true compendium of the most sought-after qualities of the perfect Mediterranean holiday: a gorgeous landscape, a calm and relaxing seaside, excellent communications and, not to forget, hours and hours of golden shining sun!