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The second largest city in the Mediterranean paradise of Crete, after the capital city Heraklion, Chania is a charming yet vibrant city on the north coast of the island. The atmosphere of a beautiful old town coexists with that of the contemporary Chania, a modern city whose cultural scene has preserved a centuries-old tradition of dance, arts and gastronomic delicatessen. Being the second largest city on the island, Chania guarantees a vacation packed with varied activities, while maintaining the so-longed-for holiday peace.

The accommodation options that you can find in the city of Chania have been carefully hand-picked to suit all tastes. If you’re willing to explore an ancient city which dates back from Minoan times and has traces of the history it has witnessed embedded in every stone, Porto del Colombo or Eva Pension will be the place to start looking. Nested in the oldest areas of Chania, both of them are perfect when it comes to exploring the layout of the intricate streets; and why not combine a couple of days in Chania with another few on the Far West Coast of Crete? A truly complete holiday pack that will ensure you get both the urban and the rural experience! Alternatively, nearby the city of Chania lie a collection of superb sandy beaches where to enjoy the Mediterranean sun.

Chania offers superbly designed villas for those in search of a luxuriously relaxing getaway. Ranging from cutting-edge architectural lines, such as the Divine Luxury Villas and Aspro Villas, located at the very edge of the seafront; to traditional houses like the picturesque Onira, where you will enjoy an absolute privacy, Amazing Crete has selected the very best villas, apartments and hotels in Chania and listed all of them herein.

The Ancient town of Chania extended from the stunning Chania seafront all the way to the feet of the White Mountains. Needless to say, these features remain today and are an excellent place for a day trip. Chania also offers a great range of cultural options to choose from, both for day- and night-time: the diversity multiplies over the summer period, when the cultural life of the city shows itself to the visitor in full bloom: concerts, plays and exhibitions are continuously on show – there are also a number of activities for children of all ages, including sports events and festivals.

Unlike other holiday destinations that you might have considered, Chania has an international airport, located at a stone’s throw from the city centre. During the high season, there are regular flights to and from various places in Europe, including Britain, Germany and Scandinavia. The peninsula of Akrotiri is the beautiful location where the airport is to be found, an area north of the city of Chania where to enjoy beautiful morning or evening walks.

The climate of Chania is typically Mediterranean: its sunny summers make it a safe bet when it comes to picking your holiday destination. What is more, from April to October, a clear sky is characteristic of the entire Mediterranean latitude; a mild sea breeze always helps maintain the temperature down even in the summer months… but don’t forget you will always be able to refresh and dive in the sea or swimming pool – make sure you’ve packed your swimming suit!