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Chania South Coast

South Chania area, Frangokastello, Hora Sfakion, Loutro and ferry west along the coast

Start your trip by driving east towards Rethymnon, look for signs for Vrisses a small town where the road over the mountains start. Vrisses is famous for its natural yoghurt, with honey and nuts it’s a treat. But the town also has several very good tavernas and a river runs right through the middle of the town and together with the high trees keeps it cool even in the August heat. After your snack you need to drive over the mountains and especially as you start the decent to the south coast, you are met by fabulous views to the sea. The bus from Chania takes the same trute several times a day. When below you take the road to the left to go to Frangokastello and to the right takes you to Hora Sfakion.

Frangokastello Village and beaches

Frangokástello is much more than a holiday destination; it is a charismatic locality situated on the south coast of Crete. It owes much of its picturesqueness to a stunning seaside Venetian castle which, along with a backdrop of mountains, vividly defines its stark skyline. It is, in fact, the famous castle that the town is named after, a town consisting in a series of houses located in the flatlands between the mountains and the Libyan sea. The castle dates back to the Middle Ages and was built in order to protect the spot from the hordes of pirates that were sailing the Mediterranean Sea at the time. The beaches of Frangokastello are famous for there beauty and for being child friendly, as they are shallow far out. Read more

Hora Sfakion South Crete

Hora Sfakion or Sfakia as it is popularly called is located in the southernmost part of Crete and Europe, still the wildest and most natural part of Crete, once the cradle of European culture, today a place to recover away from mass tourism, surrounded by the Libyan sea and home country of people, whose hospitality is legendary. This charming little fishing village is built on the coast of a small bay and the town runs in a string along the coast line. The many good tavernas sell fresh fish and local traditional dishes. Cafes and small tourist shops line the covered main street of Sfakia. The ferry that sails along the south-west coast from Sfakia to Paleohora starts here several times a day. During the trip the ferry stops at Loutro, Agia Roumeli and other small villages on the way. See pictures

Loutro, South Coast village

The seaside village of Loutro is located at a distance of about 74 km. south of Chania, at the end of Cape Mouri. It is believed that this was the site of the ancient city of Finikas, and was the port of ancient Anopolis. Later, it became the winter time port of the town of Sfakia, due to the fact that the enclosed bay and the small island in its entrance create a natural harbor where ships can be safe even at very bad weather conditions. The only access is by boat or if you wish, by foot!

Loutro is a place for those people who want something different. For example there are no big hotels with swimming pools. There are no overcrowded streets, restaurants and beaches, there are no cars!!. A small picturesque fishing village in south west Crete, not yet spoilt by mass tourism.Sfakia is definitely worth a visit. Read more