Kato Gouves

Gouves is located 18 km east of Heraklion, next to Gournes. Gouves is a large area, which covers several smaller villages, including the popular resort area of Kato Gouves (lower Gouves) and the traditional village of Pano Gouves (upper Gouves), which is built into the side of small Mt. Ederi, only a little more than 300 meters high, but both have spectacular views.

The name Gouves is derived from “gouva,” which means a hollow in the earth. The name Gouves is usually applied to the seaside resort of Kato Gouves.

Gouves Village is located 19 km east of Heraklion and 16 km from Heraklion International Airport. Gouves is a large area, including the popular village of Kato Gouves, next to the sea and the traditional village of Pano Gouves, which is built under the side of the small mountain Ederi with spectacular views. The name Gouves is derived from the Greek word “gouva,” which means ‘’a hollow in the earth’’. Kato Gouves is a famous tourism destination. Gouves is neither a village nor a town. It is an inhabited area which owes its development to tourism, this is a sparsely-populated area which largely retains its earlier farming character.

The Cretaquarium (just 5min away) is part of the Thalassocosmos, one of the Mediterranean’s largest complexes devoted to marine science, education and recreation. It provides face-to-face contact with the vibrant sea life of the Med – from hunter sharks to tiny seahorses. A fascinating and educational day out for children and adults alike

There are a wealth of places to eat out, ranging from traditional taverns to small cafes, all serving tasty local food.
The beach area is well appointed, with plenty of parking space for your holiday hire car or vehicle, and the whole area can be summed up as comfortable and welcoming.

You can book your holiday at Cosmi Apartments, very quiet and comfortable in a studio or a 1 bedroom apartment. They are located only 240 metres from the beach.

You can also enjoy a luxury holiday in one of the beautiful Gouves Villas. The villas have from 3 to 5 bedrooms and Maria the caretaker will make sure you do not want for anything.  Also the villas are in an easy walking distance from sandy beaches.