Kalathas Beach

Views of Kalathas Beach

Kalathas Beach is located off the seaside village of Kalathas 12km northeast of Chania., This lovely little beach in in natural bay on the Akrotiri peninsula. Kalathas is a relatively modern village, which has been inhabited by residents of Chania who wanted to live away from the city center.

Kalathas beach in front of the village is beautiful, with fine sand and shallow crystal clear water. Opposite Kalathas, there is a small island which you can easily be reached by swimming. Next to the beach there are several palm trees that give an exotic tone to the landscape. Moreover, the beach is very well organized with umbrellas, water sports, restaurants, hotels, mini markets, etc.

West of the main bay, beyond the rocky end, there is a secluded sandy bay. This is not organized and is ideal for those who prefer secluded beaches.

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