Taverna & Grill House Dimitris

Dimitris Grill House is one of the best places to get barbecued Lamb, pork, and chicken in the area of Rethymnon. On the “Old Road” east out of Rethymnon towards Heraklion, you will find Dimitris on the left in Sfakaki.

If you love the smell and taste of lamb roasted slowly over charcoal (which is the specialty of the house) where the meat just about melts in your mouth then there is no better place to enjoy this than Dimitris’s taverna.

Roast pork, chickens, pancetta (ribs), bifstekia (Cretan burgers) all charcoaled grilled are all on the menu plus other Cretan dishes and not forgetting delicious pizzas.

Dimitris, his wife, and son Kostas work together to make sure you have an enjoyable time when eating at the taverna.

He also has delicious pizzas, salads, potatoes, and boiled vegetables. After your dinner, there is always a dessert or fresh fruit on the house. My favorite is the small cheese pies with honey.

Definitely a must if you are in the area.

Dimitris family also cater to larger groups of up to 200 people, Baptisms, birthdays, weddings, engagement parties can be arranged privately in the back of the taverna.

See the pictures from Sotiris and Vasiliki’s engagement party