Frangokastello Beach

Frangokastello Village and beaches

Frangokástello is much more than a holiday destination; it is a charismatic locality situated on the south coast of Crete. It owes much of its picturesqueness to a stunning seaside Venetian castle which, along with a backdrop of mountains, vividly defines its stark skyline. It is, in fact, the famous castle that the town is named after, a town consisting in a series of houses located in the flatlands between the mountains and the Libyan sea.

The castle dates back to the Middle Ages and was built in order to protect the spot from the hordes of pirates that were sailing the Mediterranean Sea at the time. This architectural icon that Frangokástello has become known for can still be visited nowadays: the combination of striking natural features against the manmade fabric of the building is bound to impress curious and indifferent visitors alike.

The accommodation options offered by Amazing Crete in the stunning backdrop of Frangokástello will ensure that you make the most of your holiday time on the island, for they are tastefully furnished and invariably located close to the sea or on striking hilltops. Thalassa Villas, for instance, is a series of two-bedroom villas located amidst a variety of lush Mediterranean fruit trees, including apple, cherry and almond trees; all planted in a plot of land of 7000sqm in area, where guests can help themselves to melons, onions, tomatoes and cucumbers that the owner of the property carefully grows and harvests every year. His name is Spiros; he also owns a traditional taverna located 120m away from the villas, where delicious meals that his mother prepares are served throughout the day. Spiros also offers a homemade food delivery service to your villa for you to enjoy traditional Cretan dishes by the poolside.

It is worth noting that daily buses connect Frangokástello with both Plakiás and Hóra Sfakion (Sfakia); their frequency increased during the summer season. Nevertheless, considering a car rental is a great suggestion, for it will enable you to explore natural spots located outside of public transport routes. Car rentals can be arranged by Amazing Crete: collect your car at the arrival airports of Chania and Heraklion and simply drop back on departure! A car would be essential and important when it comes to staying at properties such as Patsianos Country House, a 300-year old traditional Cretan house restored with a genuinely Cretan flavour. The area is ideal for fishing, diving and snorkelling.

In any case, the ultimate choice when it comes to accommodation off the beaten track is undoubtedly Niki’s House in Loutro, a small hidden village only accessible on foot or by boat. Alternative yet more conventional options include Flisvos apartments, featuring a large swimming pool, and Flisvos Taverna, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy true Cretan hospitality, as well as Dolphin Apartments, set in a big garden with old trees. Driving west from Plakiás, Frangokástello offers its visitors one of the best beach swimming spots in Crete, a serene haven of peace and tranquility right in front of crystal clear waters. For those interested in active holidays, it is worth noting that there are also plenty of opportunities for snorkelling at the beach in Frangokástello, as referred to previously. In any case, make sure to top up your used energy in any of the countless restaurants available in the village. Additionally, both mountain bikes and scooters can be rented on a daily or weekly basis in order to explore and enjoy the surrounding areas to the full.