Fortezza Wedding

Wedding at the Venetian Fortezza package 1440 Euro

We offer dream civil weddings in the Venetian Fortezza in the Historic town of Rethymnon.

The package includes:

  • The wedding package includes all necessary licences, legal documents in Crete and the booking with the mayor’s office.
  • Provision of witnesses
  • Bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonnière
  • Champagne toast for the couple
  • Assist, act as interpreters and make the necessary arrangements with the town hall.
  • We also arrange any other add-ons you want.

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The Venetian Fortezza

Built atop a hill in Rethymnon Old Town, the Fortezza stands as a symbol of Crete’s tempestuous past. The Venetian ruling class, who oversaw the construction of the imposing Fortezza in the late 16th century, hoped it would protect Crete against an Ottoman invasion. But all that labor was for naught — the Ottomans captured the Fortezza less than 100 years after its completion and went on to rule Crete for more than two centuries.
The Fortezza’s perimeter still houses the partially restored Ibrahim Han Mosque from the Ottoman era. You will also find the church of Agios Ekaterina, a Greek Orthodox chapel built in 1899 after Turkish rule ceased, at the site. Today, the Fortezza plays host to a range of cultural events, including the Rethymnon Renaissance Festival. Recent visitors suggest checking out the Fortezza toward the end of the day when crowds start to wane. In the evening, you can enjoy the sun sparkling on the Mediterranean Sea as it sinks below the western horizon. If you don’t have time to go in the evening, visitors strongly suggest bringing a hat and sunscreen.

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