Taverna Tzakaris

Categories: | Posted: March 1, 2014

Cretan friends took us out for a Sunday lunch while we were staying in Rethymnon, it was an hour long drive on the winding “Old Road” to Heraklion and the drive was scenic all the way.
When we reached the village “Drosia” we found Taverna Tzakaris, There were lots of people there and all the tables were full of guests but the waiters brought out an extra table for us, we sat down and the smell of the roasting meat made my stomach growl. Boy was I hungry!

Our hosts ordered Tzakaris speciality spit roast suckling pig and also a portion spit roast lamb. Ice cold beers and a bottle of cold water were brought to our table, then the freshest Cretan traditional salad appeared together with fresh crusty toasted bread drizzled with delicious olive oil and oregano, roasted mushrooms, pickled red beets, Keftadakia and other starters appeared in no time, followed by the best chips I have ever had. After all this 2 huge plates with pork and lamb where plopped on the table. The roast was gorgeous, juicy and tender, the rind from the piglet was crisp and delicious. I could hardly believe that we nearly finished off the meat. When we were finished and ready to leave, the waiters brought out a plate of fresh yogurt with cherry preserve. Everyone dipped in and it made a great and light desert.

The only problem that day was that I really needed a nap after that gorgeous meal, and the drive back was a bit long, but it was worth it!

Barbara Herrera
1st March 2014