Taverna tou Zisis

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Taverna Zisis, Rethymnon

The most traditional Cretan taverna in the prefecture of Rethymnon and possibly the best on the island of Crete.
The taverna was created in 1972 by grandfather Zisis and grandmother Chryssoula for the families of Rethymnon and their social events.

On many days you can see grandfather Zisi having his meal in a quite corner of Taverna tou Zisis.

As time has gone by the taverna has become one of the most popular for the residents of Crete and the visitors of the island. Cretans travel in excess of 100 kms to dine here with friends and families and hold name day, baptism, birthday and other religious and social celebrations.

The introduction of Babis the manager to the business in 2008 has immensely increased the turnover of this much loved taverna.

Babis the manager welcomes all visitors and guides them to the most suitable table and location depending on their requirements. The team of the son-in-law Nikos and Babis makes it a pleasure to dine there.

There is adequate parking for the customers and also an organized area specially designed for children to play.
In the summertime diners can enjoy their food on the patio, in a beautiful environment under the shade of trees.
The central hall dominates daily (noon and evening) the food show case displays traditional cooked foods from Crete and Asia Minor based on recipes from grandma Chryssoula.(sadly departed 2014)

You can choose between 35 to 40 different dishes of meat, fish, fresh vegetables and tomato sauce prepared with fresh Cretan raw materials, which you can also enjoy in your home with takeaway from the taverna.
The service is excellent and fast and as soon as you have asked for the bill, the table is cleared and you are then served with a desert, a sweet or seasonal fruit and a tipple of ice cold Raki with the compliments of the house before you have settled your bill.

Taverna Zisis is recognized since 2004 with the brand of Greek cuisine and certified in accordance with International Standards ISO 9001:2008 quality service and safety food consumption Code Of Practice – General Principles Of Food Hygiene.

“Kali orexi”, “Good appetite” and “bon appétit”.

Taverna tou Zisis is located east of Rethymnon on the “Old Road” between Missiria and Platanes.

John Roberts
August 2014

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