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The best part of a holiday and lots of fun is to check out the best places eat. The simple ones with really good local food is the best. But for us absolutely no “All inclusive, wheres the fun in that”?

Over the next few weeks we will relay some information for different people about their best places to eat and why.

Salavantes Taverna, Kalamaki, Chania

Just west of Chania in Kalamaki there is a lovely little seaside taverna; Salavantes Taverna really nice people and the food is gorgeous. The souvlaki is meaty and juicy and has that “charkoal grilled” taste anytime, ummm

A “Souvlaki”; charcoal grilled pieces of pork on a spit, a “Choriatiki salad”; better known as Greek salad, “Keftadakia”; small meatballs, “Loukanika”; local sausages, “Saganaki”; deep fried Gryare cheese, delicious! A cold beer or a glass of local wine with the meal.

What could be better than to sit at the edge of the sea, hear the gentle sound of the waves and enjoy soothing views of the clear blue sky and sea. After lunch, we go for a swim and dry under a parasol on the sandy beach just steps from Salavantes Taverna.

Food is a very important ingredient in life…

…and good food, for most people, is an integral part of a good holiday. I wouldn’t qualify the Greek and Cretan cuisine as anything near high gastronomy but where they can often win is on freshness of ingredients and of course the setting: a simple salad eaten on a shaded terrace overlooking the sea will possibly give you a longer lasting memory than an elaborate meal inside a fancy restaurant.

Eating out in Crete has its own customs. You will not offend if you do not follow them because Cretans are used to foreigners and pretty broad-minded. Still, knowing the do’s and don’ts might save some awkward moments. Read all about the do’s and dont’s when eating out in Crete

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