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Explore Crete see what’s on offer

Crete, the largest island of Greece is the perfect place to visit for your holiday. For most of us our holiday or vacation is very important. We work all year and look forward to the time to relax with our family, the kids, our friends. That’s why it’s so important that we from the start make the right choices for this special time in our life.

We can help you make the right choices for your holiday. We are Crete experts, we know the Island and have countless connections to help you choose. Whether you are looking for a family villa with private pool, a self catering apartment with pool and playground for the children or a hotel offering basic accommodations or luxury hotel with restaurants, kids clubs, numerous pools and playgrounds. We have it all in our program.

Crete is breathtaking with the mountains and stunning nature. Full of old traditions and live culture, friendly and smiling people, sleepy villages and bustling cities. All of this is surrounded by beautiful beaches and clear blue sea. The traditions and culture of Crete are deeply rooted in the people, the music, the dances and their food. Nature is breathtaking and walking in the mountains and countryside is an exceptional and soothing experience. What ever you like to do on your holiday, you can do it in Crete. Crete offers a lovely environment, its safe with a very low crime rate and friendly people that don’t push you around. The hospitality in Crete, Greece is well known and exceptional.

Stay at a villa, an apartment by the sea or in the mountains, a simple hotel or a luxury hotel, or maybe just a taverna room!