Aspros Potamos Cottage 6

House No 6 – Two Bedroom Apartment – 4 persons

We also call it “Smurf house” because of its height and shape. The original bedrocks inside the house are very impressive as they jut out the walls.

In the first room there is a small and long sitting room with a low ceiling, a fireplace and a kitchen. At the end of the sitting room there is one bedroom. On your right, down 2 steps, you enter the second bedroom. It is a spacious, bright and airy room with a small double bed and its own courtyard. This house has two patios: one at the entrance and one at the second bedroom. Its outside bathroom is located at the first terrace, just two steps from the entrance door. The terrace has a reed fence and a separate door which provides privacy and autonomy to the guests.

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There are no electrical plugs in the house but there are multi-socket plugs at the reception area. Oil lamps provide the main lighting in the houses, whilst the installed photovoltaic solar system provides electricity to reading lights above the double bed, to a bathroom light and a refrigerator. All windows and doors have mosquito nets, nets over beds on request without cost.

House No6 is not recommended for tall or well built people. It can accommodate up to 4 people.

Wireless internet
Fully Equipped Kitchen
Light for reading over the double beds
Light in bathroom
Hot water in bathroom

2 x double small beds