Argiroupolis is a village in the county of Rethymnon, built at 260m a.s.l. Between the rivers “Mousselas” and “Petres”. It’s located 27 kms south west of Rethymnon and 5km from Episkopi. Its 700 inhabitants are mainly farmers and stockbreeders. There is a police station, post office, gas station and some tourist facilities. The village is famous for several springs and waterfalls. The ancient Romans built baths here due to the natural lush springs and you will find remains of these constructions in the village. There is a path leading around the village to show off the sites of the baths and also you here find shops offering local products like olive-oil soap, face and body creams and lots of mountain herbs.

Below the village where the waterfalls cascade down the hillsides there are several good tavernas. One of the main dishes is barbecued freshly caught trout. It is a treat. But of course, also roast lamb and pork and traditional dishes such as Anti Xristo lamb.