Anatoli Village


Vassilis and Ioanna Dorovinis, are experts in Greek Heritage and are engaged in a conservation project in the historic Anatoli Village, municipality of Ierapetra, Southeastern Crete. The project concerns the restoration of individual village houses and their conversion into luxury vacation houses.

Several houses in Anatoli have already been restored in an exemplary way, combining the lost qualities of traditional home architecture with modern facilities and luxury. One more house in the old market street has been restored as a Sitting Lounge-Coffee and Drinks House offering also light meals, which is open during summer.

In the future plans are the restoration of five new houses, of a central house for Reception-Art Shop art and architecture books, jewellery, Terracota works etc.

This historical village is located 12 km above the city of Ierapetra (600 m altitude) amidst a rocky and mountainous environment, classified as outstanding natural beauty. The village, a very old settlement from Venetian times (16th century) was until recently densely populated with a busy main market street. Half deserted nowadays; it is being rapidly renovated by rich Ierapetrineans. The location is ideal for all seasons’ vacationing, combining the coolness of the mountainous climate with easy access to the sea. The 20 minutes’ drive to the sea is rewarding, offering spectacular views of gigantic rocks and the sea below. Splendid kilometre’s of sand beaches and gulfs extend east of Ierapetra while restaurants and taverns are to be found in the village, around neighbouring villages and the coastal by of Ierapetra. Ancient and Byzantine monuments and sites are abundant in this part of Crete, as well as interesting tours and walks of Cretan landscapes.