Crete always in the sun

Always in the sun! Crete has 7 months of sunshine from April to end of October.

Crete is a perfect destination for families. A wonderful sunny climate, low crime rate and first-class service for tourists.

Wanting to stay in a beautiful luxury villa? Somewhere family-friendly, near the beach or a chance to experience something unique and different? We can meet your every need. Browse our range of accommodation and find your place in the sun.

Crete offers more than just beautiful sandy beaches, have a look at what else you can discover on this island, make sure you check from East to West, North to South to see which suits your needs best.

Venetian and Turkish influenced buildings and architecture, old towns of Chania and pretty Rethymnon with their unique narrow pedestrian-only streets intertwining giving the feeling of being in an ancient “Souk”  bazaar or market place.

Want something special for your family holiday? Come to Amazing Crete