Agios Nikolaos


Regarded by many as the number one city not to be missed in the island of Crete, Agios Nikolaos is a striking urban location nested between its famous twin harbours – a picturesque city to be photographed in the full bloom of the Mediterranean summer. Agios Nikolaos offers a wide selection of options for holidaymakers, and Amazing Crete brings to you only the best among those.

Agios Nikolaos concentrates the traffic of the surrounding villages located in that part of Lasithi; this makes it an excellent choice for those seeking to explore not only the city but also the localities nearby. Within the city, the breathtaking lagoon Lake Voulismeni is certainly one of the highlights, not to forget the countless sandy beaches that pepper the town here and there. Many cafés are to be found around the lagoon, as well as a variety of local birds that can be heard when taking the trail in the adjacent park. At a stone’s throw from Agios Nikolaos lie both Gournia and Kritsa, the former being the best preserved Minoan town on Crete, and the latter one of the craft centres of the Eastern side of the Island; not to mention the cult tourist destination of Hersonissos, located west from Agios Nikolaos.

These are only a few of the numerous reasons that make Agios Nikolaos an excellent choice for staying in. Listed hereinare our top picks among the many options that this town offers, a careful selection of villas, cottages and apartments where a unique vacation experience is guaranteed.

There is a wide selection of villas to choose from: Lemonia Villas, situated in Istron Village and in Istron Bay  by with a lovely sandy beach you find Istron Bay Villas and Istron Villas Collection. Istron village is 11km from Agios Nikolaos and next to Kravostasi and Voulisma, arguably two of the best beaches in the island, is one of our all-year-round favourites, for the winters in Crete are mild and pleasant, with rare frost and even rarer snow. The gorgeous Dreamscape Villas are only 4km away from the centre of Agios Nikolaos, and feature spectacular views in all directions. That said, they are very close from supermarkets, tavernas and several lovely beaches. Last, but not least, Elounda Vista Villas are a spectacular accommodation option located in Elounda.

On the beach in central Agios Nikolaos are the Palazzo Apartments, a superb location offering all the advantages of both a beach and a downtown resort. Havania Apartments, for their part, are located a mere 2km from the city centre: a quieter option for those who want to stay further away from an urban environment. Situated on the very seafront, Havania are suitable for families as well as young and mature couples seeking to make the most out of their holiday in Crete. Lida’s Island Cottages have the added interest of being located on Elounda Peninsula; their size and build make them exceptional for both families and couples, too.

As has been said, winters in Crete are mild and often have clear skies. This is worth noting in relation to the Festival of Saint Nicholas, Agios Nikolaos’ Patron Saint, celebrated on December 6th every year with a striking variety of processions and celebrations in honour of the saint, who is also venerated in other locations across Crete, as he is the patron saint of sailors and of Greece. This is an option you might have not thought of, but certainly an excellent and original cultural choice when it comes to spending your holiday time in Agios Nikolaos.