Taverna Faros

Agios Nikolaos Taverna Faros

Our absolute Favorited for grilled food in Agios Nikolaos is Faros Taverna on the beach right in the middle of town.  You can not beat the daily fresh fish; Sardines, Red Mullet, Brine and what ever else was on offer that day. Grilled Chicken, Roast Lamb and here you can even chance a good steak, done as you like it. There are many specialities to go with your meal as well.

The taverna is located on the beach “Kitroplatia” in the middle of Agios Nikolaos. It is one of the best and visited by many people daily, both locals and tourist. You enjoy your meal with a cold drink, ice cold with wine, draft or bottled beer or soft drinks. If in Agios Nikolaos you should not miss Faros Taverna and Harris delicious food.