When browsing for a holiday home

When you are browsing for a holiday home, check the following:

  • How many are in your party? What sort of bedrooms do they need?
  • Are there any small children in your party or guests who would have difficulty with steps?
  • If you are a large group, consider the importance of multiple living areas, indoors and out. Would you prefer to be under one roof or require the privacy of an extra kitchen, guest house, annex or even separate villa nearby?
  • Is it important for you to be able to walk to shops and restaurants or to be relatively close to them?
  • If sightseeing is important, you’ll want to be within a reasonable distance of places of interest. If quiet days reading and lounging by the pool are the preference, you may want a quiet spot far from the madding crowds.
  • If you have small children you will want to be near the type of beach conducive to children.
  • Rustic charm is not for everyone, and older houses have their own idiosynchrosies. If you want all the “modcoms” of modern living you should not choose a traditional home.
  • Climate. Crete enjoys a wonderful climate from May till October and pretty much guarantees a rain-free holiday during those 6 months. If you cannot stand it very hot, then July and August may not be for you, or else look for something inland in the mountains. The temperature of the sea is pleasant from early June right till the end of October.
  • Crowds. If you don’t like to see crowds of people at the beach, in stores, along the streets, then stay away from mid-July till the end of August.